Cosmic Ants

Cosmic Ants

Star gazing is a pretty excellent way to spend an evening. Doing it with a tripod, a camera, and a meteor shower is even better. However, trying to catch said meteors on camera, much harder to do.

I can’t help but think about the universe as I stare up into it. I love to think about each star, shooting its light through space as a testament to its existence and me not knowing which one is still burning and which one exploded long ago.

I love to think about how significant we make our lives on Earth. How big our problems are, how stressed we can be and how much we can misunderstand each other. But, if we really took the time to think, we’d see that life on Earth wouldn’t exist without the sun, burning millions of miles away. The same sun, that if we were to lift our eyes and stare at, would burn our retinas. Our lives are so fragile and meaningless in the great cosmic order. We are cosmic ants and that’s fine by me.


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