The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time

Sitting in the front seat of an old Toyota Landcruiser, the view of Egypt’s White Desert unfolded before me. It was if I’d been transported to the surface of Mars, shot through space to arrive in this extra terrestrial landscape.

The white chalk rocks jutting out of the sand are monuments left behind by passing time. Millions of years before, this land was covered in an ocean. The world spun, the waters receded and the land emerged. As we walked through the desert, with the sun glowing on the horizon, we found sea shells embedded in the rock, locked in time.

After spending a night under the stars, immersed in the deafening silence of the desert, we packed our small camp and continued to explore. As we once again move forward on our own timelines, you have the distinct impression that this place exists without the constraints of time. It is simply existing until such a time when it will find its way back home, to the bottom of the sea.


2 thoughts on “The Land Before Time

  1. I immediately clicked on the photo wondering where it was taken because it looks so surreal! Was it a bumpy ride? I want to visit Egypt one day – the desert landscape is so different from anywhere I’ve ever been!

  2. It is an incredible place! This is in the White Desert (the Sahara) in western Egypt. The ride isn’t too bumpy as you are usually driving on sand. Going up and over all the dunes is really fun too!

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