When Pipi Doesn’t Mean What You Expect

When Pipi Doesn't Mean What You Expect

Mzungu! Mzungu!” came the cries as I walked through a rural town in Tanzania. Turning around I saw three youngsters running up to meet me. As they came close, I started laughing and calling “Mzungu!” back to them. They quickly corrected me, telling me that I was the Mzungu and not them, because I was a white foreigner. Following that exchange, they all started jumping up and down shouting “Pipi! Pipi!”. I twirled around scanning the area for a bathroom but said at last “No luck on the toilet, try the bushes!” This brought on another laughing fit. I was then schooled again. Pipi means sweets, they were looking for sweets not for the nearest toilet. I reached into my bag and pulled out some shortbread cookies. We sat down on the side of a path and I passed the cookies out. They approved of my pipi.


4 thoughts on “When Pipi Doesn’t Mean What You Expect

    • Hey! No, unfortunately I am not still there. I was there for two weeks in July. I spent most of my time on safari and then on the beach in Zanzibar. From what I saw, it was beautiful. Have you also been there?

      • I was there for two weeks in July also! I spent a lot of time in Dar and was in Zanzibar just for a few days around the 7th.
        Ah did you go on safari with a particular company? I’m glad to hear of other foreigners enjoying it also 🙂

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