The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper

I went to Luxor in Upper Egypt with my school as a chaperone. We went out to explore the market place one afternoon. I walked around with a few students, giving tips on photography. As I was taking shots, a group of students came running up to me. “Quick! You’ve gotta come with us!” I obliged and headed after them. They brought me to a small shop. Inside the shop was a small man, no more than 5 feet tall. He had 9 fingers but had enough rings for 10. He had promised my students to give them 25% off at his shop if they brought a foreigner. I captured this shot as he exclaimed “Where did you find this guy?!” which wasn’t a shot at me, but rather the sad state of Egyptian tourism.


4 thoughts on “The Shopkeeper

    • It’s hard to say. I just ended my time there and while I was there I always felt safe. However, with the latest protests across the country, it may not be as safe but if you exercise caution and stick to a plan it’s probably fine. It’s an amazing country and a real shame that tourism is taking such a hit.

      • It’s good you felt safe during your visit. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons, and I think it might be best to wait awhile longer to cross Egypt off my bucket list, especially as a woman traveling alone. That being said, I agree; such a shame that tourism has been hit so hard, but when you’re a foreigner its always better to be safe than sorry. Looking forward to reading more of your writing! Thanks for the insight.

  1. Yeah traveling on your own as a woman is always a bit more of a challenge, especially in the Middle East. You will get there someday! I have no doubt that Egypt will right itself again. Thanks for reading!

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