It Takes Tanzania

It Takes Tanzania

Earlier this year I was travelling in Sri Lanka and decided to go on a one day safari through Yala National Park. I was very excited to see elephants, crocodiles and warthogs. But the animal I wanted to see most of all was the leopard. We spent hours driving around at the end of the day, scouring the landscape for a trace. Eventually we came upon some paw prints but that was as close as we’d get.

Thankfully, that was all remedied when I went to Tanzania a few months later and spent a full week on safari. Our first day exploring the immense Serengeti, we came upon this gorgeous leopard up in a tree. We parked for the better part of an hour and used binoculars to have a close look. As I watched the leopard, I gazed directly into its golden orb like eyes and felt like it was staring right through me. An incredible animal that I pursued through two continents, but in the end it took Tanzania.


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