Mother Nature Provides

Mother Nature Provides

Now, I’ve always thought I had a close connection with nature. My backyard is a river and my house is buried in the woods. But I didn’t know how close until one fateful day in Sri Lanka.

While on safari in beautiful Yala National Park, we came upon a tusker (because he had tusks) elephant. He was half hidden in the woods, munching away at leaves. For nearly 20 minutes, we were undisturbed in our viewing. Then, out of nowhere, came a white passenger van that looked very out of place in the middle of this rugged terrain. The van stopped and out popped a camera lens.

Now, I know that great power comes with great responsibility, but just this once, I threw my Spiderman mantra to the wind. I prayed in my head to Mother Nature to make the elephant come out of the wood and attack the van! I know, I’m evil. But lo and behold, the elephant rushed forth! The van peeled off and left me laughing, drunk on my new and vast power.


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