Egypt: Two Years in Transition

Jesse Sharratt

I lived in Egypt from January 2012 until July 2013. When I first landed, I came to a country in the throes of revolutionary aftermath. Autocratic dictator Hosni Mubarak had been toppled and in his place ruled Field Marshall Tantawi from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Presidential elections were quickly approaching and the Muslim Brotherhood’s spare wheel, Mohamad Morsi, was a front-runner. After a nail biting election, the Brotherhood’s man was democratically elected as Egypt’s first president over the old regime’s Ahmed Shafiq. Jubilation filled the streets as millions of excited first time voters celebrated the success of their revolution. But all was not well. Many doubted the president’s commitment to serving all of Egypt, and not just the Muslim Brotherhood’s strict Islamist agenda. As the months progressed, his autocratic nature began to show…

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