When You Get Used By A Lion

When You Get Used By A Lion

The sun was high in the sky as we wound our way through the labyrinthine roads of the Serengeti. We came upon a pride of lions relaxing in the shade of some small acacia trees. As we watched, hoping for action, a young male sprung to his feet. He flew through the air with laser like precision and within seconds he had covered the distance to us. He whipped around the back of our truck and directly at a nearby unsuspecting gazelle. The gazelle, looked back once, and then nonchalantly bounded through the air to safety.


When I had finished photographing the whole scenario, I turned around to celebrate our experience with my fellow explorers only to find them cowering in the back seat.

“Wow! That lion totally just used us as a decoy! Wait… what are you doing down there? Did you get any photos?” I asked hopefully.

“Are you crazy!?!?! I thought he was coming for me!!”


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