Football For The Masses

Football For The Masses

Almost everywhere I travel, I am reminded that being Canadian, I am in the minority when it comes to which sports I enjoy.

I was sitting on the shore in Stone Town, Zanzibar, enjoying a spectacular sunset, when a group of young guys came together and began juggling a ball between them.

Despite spending some time as a hacky sack aficionado in my university years, I have never been able to translate that skill to football. Watching a group of guys congregate, juggle the ball around in circles and then devolve into a full blown game on the beach, sure makes me wish I could.

Football, or soccer for us North Americans, is played by about half of Earth’s people. It is the most viewed, passionately followed, and widely played sport that we humans have ever created. I’ve seen kids half my size do things I couldn’t dream of doing with a football.

So, until the day an ice age comes and everyone starts playing hockey, I guess most of us Canadians will stay stuck to the sandy sidelines.



2 thoughts on “Football For The Masses

  1. Thanks for the link-up Jesse! We lived in Canada for a few years and felt it the other way around – not much rugby or cricket! I loved watching the boys play soccer on the Zanzibari beaches.

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