Making Milford’s Mackinnon Pass



Hiking New Zealand’s Milford track is a wonderful experience. Explorers from around the world congregate on the world famous track to drink in the natural beauty of the mountains and rainforests, and share in the joy of being in nature.

We had made it to Mintaro Hut in the early afternoon on our second day. Feeling a bit sleepy, we decided to take a nap while many hikers headed off on the trek to the top of Mackinnon’s Pass in hopes of catching the amazing view.

When we got up, people were beginning to get back from the Pass. They were all disappointed as the valley was filled with clouds. We checked the sky, it seemed pretty grey and unlikely that we would do much better. Nevertheless, we strapped on our hiking boots and made the climb to the top.

As we came over the ridge, the sky opened up and the sun pierced the clouds illuminating the valley below. We sat on top of the ridge drinking red wine and soaking in our luck. Eventually, we slowly made our way back down to Mintaro hut and kept quiet about our experience, not wanting to rub it in.

The next day when we headed to Dumpling hut, Mackinnon’s Pass was barely visible. We could see only a few feet in front of our faces. We had truly lucked out on the previous day. Thank you Milford!


2 thoughts on “Making Milford’s Mackinnon Pass

  1. Wow, that’s gorgeous! Every photo I see of New Zealand makes me think it’s an even more beautiful place than I already thought. I need to get down there one day. I think it has a lot in common with the Pacific Northwest, so I’d feel at least somewhat at home.

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