Australia’s Hanging Rock

Australia's Hanging Rock

Cycling along the Burramoko Ridge in Australia’s Blue Mountains is fantastic. The mountains derive their name from the thick blue haze that fills the valley, emitted from thousands of eucalyptus trees.

I arrived at Hanging Rock and climbed down the path to head out to the tip, on that sliver of rock. On the way out, I had to jump over a gap of about 3 feet, with a view hundreds of meters down to the bottom of the valley.

I made it to the end and stood there, feeling the wind sway me back and forth. I felt the pounding of my heart, excited by not knowing if the next gust would throw me off. I decided that sitting was a better option and slid down to the tip of the rock and dangled my feet over. It’s a good thing I am very tall, genetic predisposition to vertigo.

I only think of this today, because of the news I woke up to. Tony Abbott, the scourge of Australia, has been elected their new leader. Coming from Canada, I can commiserate over disappointing leadership with Harper in charge. Undoubtedly, a lot of Australians will be waking up today and feeling like they are peering off the edge of Hanging Rock, into the great unknown.

However, I hold onto hope. America needed a Bush era before Obama could win, right?


Disclaimer: The verdict is still out for deliberation on Obama.


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