Forget How Hungry Hungry They Are…

Forget How Hungry Hungry They Are...

While on safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, I was truly excited to see a hippo. I’d grown up under the belief that they were just big hungry hungry goofballs. I don’t know if it was the cartoons or the board games.

The first hippos I saw were running through tall grass in the early morning light and they sure could they move. So far, so good.


Then it all changed, when later in the day we were brought to the hippo pool. This was one of the few places we were allowed to get out of the truck. As soon as I stepped outside I could smell it. A pungent manure-like scent and it was coming from where I was headed. I walked closer, trying to breath through my mouth, and came to a lookout where down below this is what I saw. Hundreds of farting, belching, poop covered hippos.

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