Two Shwaya (Little) Habibis (Dears) Excited For Eid

Two Shwaya (Little) Habibis (Dears) Excited For Eid

It was a much needed vacation when we took off to the Sinai for the Eid holiday. I went walking with my friend Leyland (photo below courtesy of through the back streets of Dahab to get a feel for the town outside of the overly touristy corniche. We were in search of a butcher’s shop where we would be able to watch the slaughter of animals in preparation for the holiday feast.


We followed the crowds of people, which inevitably led us to a mosque. We hung around outside as dozens of kids, all dressed in their finest clothes, came running down the street towards us. They were headed to pray with their friends and families before the feast began. I was lucky enough to get to share in their excitement.


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