The Rising Moon Of Ramadan

The Rising Moon Of Ramadan

It was the evening before Ramadan when I strolled through the night market of Stone Town. The predominantly Muslim population of Zanzibar had the place buzzing with excitement for the month long fast. People surrounded vendors to get fresh seafood, sugar cane drinks, and pizzas cooked on a hot stone. As I enjoyed all the local offerings, I noticed two men sitting by the shoreline looking out at the rising crescent moon, the mark of the beginning of Ramadan. I imagined they were deep in discussion of the spiritual side of the month to come, outside of the fasting, feasting and friends.

Mike Ghouse, founder of the World Muslim Conference, had this to say in a letter to the Washington Post.

“True fasting is self-purification; and from this, a rich inner life that bring about values such as justice, generosity, patience, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and empathy – values that are indispensable for the success of the community.”


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