Toffee, please!


It was a beautiful day in southern Sri Lanka when I walked with a group of friends up into the hills around Hatton to take a closer look at the famed Sri Lankan tea plantations. Women worked collecting tea leaves which they filled into large baskets to be transported back to headquarters. I was weaving my way back downhill along the dirt pathway when I came upon a small house.


As I got closer, kids exploded out of the doors, running full tilt up to meet me on the pathway. Once they had made their way up to me, they put their hands out asking for toffee. I tried to explain that unfortunately I’m not in the habit of carrying toffee with me, to their dismay.



We settled for doing a little photo shoot and after each one I would show them on the back of my camera. This went down so well that soon the whole gang was rushing up to join in on the toffee free fun.



4 thoughts on “Toffee, please!

  1. Hey Jesse. I love all your photos and really want to see Sri Lanka. Would love to find out more. Like when is the best time to go and places I should see. Ray Mantella

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