Above The Clouds Before The Sun

Above The Clouds Before The Sun

Four hours later and I was standing on top of Adam’s Peak in southern Sri Lanka. I had woken up just before 2 AM to get ready for the climb to the top. My belly was still adjusting to the curry diet and the first few kilometres were a challenge. As I picked up the pace and powered ahead of my friends, the curry induced cramping subsided and my legs sprang forth on autopilot. Before long, I was reunited with my friends, standing immobilized in a lineup of thousands of pilgrims, all eager to make the peak before the sun. We waded through the crowds towards an overhanging ledge that we were able to hoist ourselves onto, a perfect viewing platform. We sat in huddled silence, snacking on shortbread and listening to the rhythmic banging of drums by Buddhist monks. The heavy clouds clung to the valleys as the sun prepared to break the blackness.



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