The Musical Mystery

The Musical Mystery

It was the music that lead me. I was exploring the old Dutch trading post of Galle in southern Sri Lanka when I heard it. The rhythmic banging of drums accompanied with beautiful melodies echoed off the stone walls and cobblestone paths.

At first it was faint and in the distance, but as I followed my ears, the music became more clear. I picked my way through an old building where I found a set of stairs with at least a hundred cast off shoes at the bottom. Combining this telling clue with my increased proximity to the source of the music, I knew I was close. I moved up the stairs quickly to find a circle of Sri Lankan mothers. They turned to inspect me but were soon drawn back to the spectacle at hand. Sons and daughters, dancing and singing.


I had found my source, a dance class of at least 50 young Sri Lankan teenagers, all smiling and focused on the class at hand. Mystery solved.


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