IMG_0303Jesse Sharratt is a native of Prince Edward Island, Canada. He has travelled extensively around the world, starting with a year in Scotland and Western Europe after high school. He then went on to study at Dalhousie University, where he earned a Double Major in Political Science and Philosophy. In his final year, he spent a semester studying in Dijon, France where he attended La Universite de Bourgogne. Following his graduation he moved to Sydney, Australia to travel, photograph and have fun. As the Arab Spring began to unfold, Jesse was captivated by the expression and desire for democratic reforms across the Middle East. Pursuing a job as a Social Studies teacher at an international school in Cairo, Egypt, he was able to travel throughout the country and learn about the rich culture. Following the completion of his time in Cairo, he has moved back to Canada and is living in Toronto.


But Jesse, why photography?

Human expression is the manner in which we try to understand life. We sing about it, paint about it, write about it, discuss it and some of us photograph it. The realization that it’s us who attribute the feeling of wonder to the world, gave me the desire to capture moments that make up life.

Before my first camera, I remember looking through the frame of my hands and capturing mental images. I realized early on that it’s not about what you’re photographing but why. The why drives me on adventures around the world.

Looking through the viewfinder and seeing a sun break through the clouds or a person caught bare in their humanity inspire me to keep searching. The word amateur originates from French, meaning “lover of”. I think of this when I’m taking photos. It’s not my desire to sell or seek fame that pushes me, but rather to explore the nuances of the world, through my love of photography.

My most recent opportunity, being a teacher in Cairo, has led me to capture the growing pains of Egypt. It has thrown me into the mix with photographers from various backgrounds and varying levels of expertise. Learning, listening and sharing with others has provided me with a goal, to capture moments of wonder and awe. The satisfaction of adjusting settings, finding the right angle and snapping a souvenir in time drives me to improve. The world is immense and varied, and it’s my dream to bring together its stories and share them with its people.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am jealous of your opportunity to be so immersed into a culture – did you find it hard to adjust? I would love to leave my agency job behind to wander!

    • It was a fantastic experience. It took some time at the beginning to adjust to the language and culture but the Egyptian people I met were very kind and welcoming, making it fairly easy! I wish I could wander forever.

  2. If you are looking for some of the truely less photographed places on earth and are up for an adventure, you should travel to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It’s a bit chaotic now the elections are on, but will calm after this weekend. It’s much safer than the rest of Iraq and the Kurds are incredibly friendly people with a long and tragic history.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I have a friend who travelled through that region and absolutely loved it. He was invited to stay with families and spoke so highly of everyone he met. I’ll make it there someday!

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