The Planetary Progression


The People's Progress

How long does the elephant have left on planet Earth? When will our greatest land mammal cease to wander?

Our notion of progress is tied to continuous industrial development. A notion that has been exported throughout the world. We’ve led ourselves to believe that the point of humanity is to build factories and convert nature into economically viable investments. But is this our true calling? Is this the path towards true enlightenment and natural harmony? What is the point of all the hard work and sacrifices of our ancestors over the millennia? Will we ever sate our need to consume? Or has a history of detachment from nature shaped us into a new type of animal, one who’s needs can never be met.

As more and more animals face extinction, it is up to us to ask ourselves what the point of our species is. Are we here solely to consume? Moving from one land to another until all resources are converted into dollars. And if some progress but others falter, is progress truly a progression?


Family Knows No Species


Family Knows No Species

One of my frustrations with humans is that we hate to be called animals, or a lot of us do. I love asking the people who don’t like this label if they breath, drink water, and eat to survive? Most often they do. We are animals, the verdict is in. And like animals, we cherish family, friends and life. We see these same bonds play out in nature all the time. A connection that is more than just coincidental interaction. When I see a family of elephants playing, a mother lion protecting her cubs, an orca crying out for a stolen baby, or a kangaroo carrying her joey, I am truly proud to be one of them. Proud to be an animal.