The Perks of Human Hospitality


The Perks of Human Hospitality

Rumbling over the rock and sand of Egypt’s White Desert, named so for its giant chalk rock formations, we came across some local men. They were taking a break from leading a group of camels from one town to another to be sold.

In true Egyptian fashion, we were invited to join them for tea. As our guide, Ahmed, (pictured on left) hunkered down beside the small fire to share in the tea, I went off to seek the company of camels.


At first, the camels were cute and fun, but as I got close, a low rumble of half-digested camel food emanated from their slack jawed mouths. I decided I preferred the human interaction.


Setting Up Camp In The Sahara



I was travelling with a group of friends through Egypt’s White Desert, located in the west of the country. The White Desert is a part of the Sahara Desert, the world’s largest non-polar desert which covers an area in North Africa roughly the size of the United States. This is where I found myself camping under a blanket of stars, revelling in deafening silence.


Our guide, Ahmed, prepared our campsite and a delicious meal cooked on an open fire. It was so good that we it even attracted a few desert foxes, who came to enjoy the leftovers.