Climbing Toronto’s CN Tower to raise money for World Wildlife Fund

Hey Everyone! First off, thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you and always look forward to seeing your reactions to my posts.

Next week, I am going to be climbing to the top of the CN Tower, which was formerly the tallest free standing structure in the world. It will be a bit of a slog and no doubt, I will be soaked with sweat. However, in order to join other racers in this sprint to the top, I need to raise 250 bucks!

Since my photos of animals are usually the most popular, I know you are all animal lovers. So, if you can, take a minute and donate whatever you can afford to help support WWF in their fight to preserve the worlds endangered species. Think how boring this planet would be if it were only humans (and tardigrades of course!) and no amazing animals. We get a hell of a lot out of this planet but we rarely ever give back. So here is an opportunity! Thanks for reading!




Frozen Swan Lake


Frozen Swan Lake

In the aftermath of the “polar vortex”, Toronto surged to a balmy 4 degrees yesterday, which lent itself perfectly to a walk along the waterfront. Large portions of the pathway were covered in ice and required the Canadian shuffle to move along.

I slipped and slid down to the waters edge to watch airplanes land at the small Toronto island airport. Focusing on the planes, I was caught off guard when two swans swooped down in front of me and just as quickly disappeared, camouflaged into the white winter haze.

Toronto’s Frozen Sunset


Toronto's Frozen Sunset

Acclimatizing to a Canadian winter should be easy, for a Canadian. I like to tell myself that natural selection has made us Canadians heartier, immune to the bite of a bitter wind and indifferent to piercing cold. But, as I mutter my Darwinian mantra, my escaping breath turns to ice. I’m not fooling anyone.

Below The Bridge


Below The Bridge

Rain came falling out of the sky. The underside of a bridge became my refuge. A man plodded by with a cigarette clutched in his hand.

I’ve Moved To Cloud City. Where’s Lando?


I've Moved To Cloud City, Where's Lando?

After living in Cairo, I’m used to blue skies being the norm. Waking up in Toronto, I sometimes have the impression that I’m floating on a mining colony in a Star Wars universe. I sit and watch as the clouds roll in and the city disappears and I’m okay with that.


A City Capped In Clouds


A City Capped In Clouds

Watching a storm move over Toronto is a formidable sight. Having lived in Cairo for the last couple of years, you start to forget the power of a rainstorm. Sure you get lots of sandstorms but they don’t have the same majesty as heavy rain accented with thunder and lightning. And then there is that moment, when the rain abates and the sun peeks through.

Sunset Between Toronto Towers


Sunset Between Toronto Towers

After living in Cairo, standing on my balcony looking out over the city of Toronto almost feels like living in the future. The buildings shimmer and shine, everything looks new and unused, and building projects litter the skyline.